Estra Clima


Estra Clima is an Estra Group company that has been active in the energy saving sector for years and boasts extensive experience and a strong track record of public and private contracts. Estra Clima primarily operates in Tuscany, but it looks to expand and develop throughout Italy.
Its experience makes it ideally suited to serve as a reliable partner focused on the environment and health of the communities in which it operates.


Our core business is energy diagnosis and the design of energy efficiency projects for buildings and technological upgrading processes.
Estra Clima offers management of thermohydraulic installations, including boiler replacement, an energy service that encompasses all-inclusive installation maintenance and a global service package covering full building management for public and private-sector customers.
Over 1,500 energy saving upgrading projects have been completed and more than 350 heating systems are currently being managed under energy service contracts.
The company also generates renewable energy as the current owner of over 7 MW of photovoltaic plants spread across five regions of Italy, two small wind plants and a biomass plant.
The biomass plant of 5.9 MWt located in the Municipality of Calenzano (Florence) is powered by virgin wood (wood chips), which are burned to generate electricity that is fed into the Italian national power grid, along with thermal energy. 
The heat generated is distributed to users via an eight-kilometre district heating network that serves the Calenzano athletic facility area and recently constructed offices, homes and university buildings.
Estra Clima has built Tuscany's first tri-generation plant, providing combined cooling, heat and power, in Sesto Fiorentino. The thermal energy generated by the natural gas-powered internal combustion engine (output of 4-6 MWt) is distributed via district heating networks and is capable of serving up to 700 households.


UNI CEI 11352
Energy efficiency - Provision of energy services, including financing for energy efficiency projects and the purchase of the energy vectors required to provide energy efficiency service.

Quality management - Design, management and routine and non-routine maintenance of heating and cooling systems. Management of assets, properties and ancillary installations (Sector EA:28).

Regulation (EC) No 303/2008
Environmental management - Installation, maintenance or servicing of stationary refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment containing certain fluorinated greenhouse gases, in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EC) No 303/2008.

Occupational health and safety management - Design, installation, conversion, management and maintenance of electrical, heating and air-conditioning systems. Property management and maintenance. Management of co-generation plants.
(EA: 28 - 32 - 35).

Estra Clima S.r.l.

Managed and coordinated by E.S.TR.A. S.p.A. Energia Servizi Territorio Ambiente. Fully paid-up share capital of €4,408,000.00 - Economic and Administrative Index (REA) No. 476433, tax code 02208500484 and VAT number 01416690475.