Centria Reti Gas is a subsidiary of Estra S.p.A. responsible for the transport of natural gas and the distribution and sale of LPG.
Natural gas With over 5,500 kilometres of proprietary pipelines, Centria Reti Gas is among the leading players in this sector in Central Italy. Its distribution network serves 88 municipalities in ten provinces and four regions (Abruzzo, Lazio, Tuscany and Umbria). Centria Reti Gas serves 460,000 customers and distributes over 700 million cubic metres of natural gas. Its pipelines and installations have some of the strongest safety records in Italy, as measured by Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity and Gas (AEEG), which in 2011 ranked the company sixth for the safety of its installations at the national level, awarding it incentives of over €1 million.


The core business of Centria Reti Gas consists of:

  • distribution of natural gas through a network of local gas pipelines for delivery to customers; design, construction, management, maintenance and expansion of connections, the network and local gas pipeline systems, including:
  • installation, management and maintenance of reduction systems;
  • installation, management, maintenance and reading of metering systems;
  • the services required to manage the system;
  • design, construction, maintenance and management of all networks, connections, installations and infrastructure located in the soil and subsoil layers pertaining, for example, to services related to water, telecommunications and lighting;
  • pursuit and achievement of the energy efficiency objectives set in current legislation;
  • promotion and improvement of the safety of end customers' natural gas lines and information about how to ensure the code compliance of natural gas plumbing;
  • participation in tenders for the award of contracts to provide distribution services at the Italian national level.


Centria Reti Gas distributes and sells LPG via its network, offering safe and cost-effective service to various types of users. It is a valid alternative for homes, businesses and communities not located near natural gas pipelines.
Its network extends over 136 km in 50 municipalities in seven provinces of Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna. It serves 5,640 customers through 125 facilities and 225 storage depots. According to a survey conducted by the industry authority (AEEG), the LPG service offered by Centria Reti Gas is number-three in the national rankings (up from number-four in 2010).


Supply of LPG for home use through a centralised network similar to its natural gas counterpart. This is the best way of meeting the energy needs of both large and small communities located at some distance from natural gas pipelines, from a neighbourhood to a municipality, from a private allotment to a tourist resort.
Centria Reti Gas designs, builds and manages LPG service using underground pipe networks, for which it offers 24-hour technical support service, from storage to the end user's meter.
Design takes account of local environmental characteristics and is harmoniously integrated into nature and the local landscape. Tanks are located on the perimeter of residential areas and are buried to ensure that their visual impact is kept to a minimum.
Centria S.r.L.

Centria S.r.L.

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