Strategic Guidelines

Estra has always prided itself on its close ties to the community and the needs of local households, businesses and cities, offering innovative solutions in areas of crucial importance with a fundamental role in everyday life. This is how Estra operates on the market and with its customers: as a player with a comprehensive range of products and services in the energy sector, dedicated to pursuing the following strategic guidelines:

• growth
• process efficiency
• network development
• supply chain integration
• innovation.

These strategic guidelines confirm the multibusiness model adopted by the company over the years, the pillars of which are a strong customer base, expansion at the Italian national level, consolidation of the communities served by its networks and diversification into energy efficiency, telecommunications services and renewable energy.
We refer to our approach as that of an "ESP" (energy service provider), because our ambition is to combine the sale of commodities with energy-efficiency and power-saving services and devices in order to meet the needs of consumers with an increasing focus on environmental issues.