Estra Prometeo is one of Central Italy's foremost sellers of natural gas and electricity. Formed in the Marche region of Italy in 2001 thanks to synergies between several leading local multi-utilities, it is now a part of the Estra Group.
Prometeo operates in five regions and has 200,000 customers and over 30 branches, served by a sales network and account managers dedicated to the various types of customers: home, business and industrial and public administration offices. Quality and innovation, competitive prices, customer satisfaction, close personal relationships and respect for the environment — all these are among the values that have shaped the company's business since the outset.
Today Estra Prometeo is a strong, efficiently organised company that serves an even broader area and is capable of offering its customers a wider range of custom-tailored services at increasingly competitive prices. From the energy needed to provide a household with heat and light to the power needed to fuel industry, Estra Prometeo's services stand apart for their transparency and reliability, according to an approach that emphasises personal relationships and focuses on the needs of the various groups of customers. In full harmony with its company philosophy, Estra Prometeo resolutely supports social, cultural and athletic initiatives that stress the value of the wellbeing of members of the local community. Its goal is to provide the community with all the energy it requires.

Prometeo S.p.A.

Fully paid-up share capital of €2,826,285.00
Economic and Administrative Index (REA) No. 160316. VAT number and tax code 02089000422