Estracom is the Group company responsible for providing telecommunications services to businesses, individuals and public institutions. We have consistently focused on leveraging the following strategic assets:

  • efficacy and efficiency in adopting streamlined and functional technological, organisational and procedural solutions;
  • a local presence aimed at fostering the development of the communities in which we operate through a focused, sensitive approach;
  • innovation aimed at constantly offering new ways to meet the needs for connectivity and communication;
  • a customer-centric approach and emphasis on savings to ensure highly personalised services and efficient connections;
  • transparency to ensure that offers and services are proposed clearly and fairly.


Estracom operates in Tuscany, where it provides its customers with connectivity and advanced digital services.

  • Optical fibre: the best option for connecting companies and institutions. Dedicated, reliable symmetrical ultra broadband improves the exchange of data, increasing communication speed and ensures high-quality Internet access.
  • EFM: symmetrical band technology for superior performance.
  • ADSL and telephony: for individuals and small businesses, with Internet offers and unlimited calls.
  • VoIP: one of the technologies of the future, it allows calls to be made over the Internet.
  • Video surveillance: for home, business and institutional security.
  • Housing: a service that allows servers to be co-located within Estracom's server farm.
  • Wi-Fi coverage: for free wireless Internet access using laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Estracom S.p.A.

Estracom S.p.A. is managed and coordinated by E.S.TR.A. S.p.A. It has fully paid-up share capital of €7,011,559.00
Economic and Administrative Index (REA) No. 478969, VAT number and tax code 01875880971.