Estra consolidates Edma Reti Gas in its Consolidated Financial Statements

Using the line-by-line method

04 febbraio 2022

The General Shareholders’ Meeting of Edma Reti Gas S.r.l. — an Ancona-based natural gas distribution and measurement company — approved the amendment to its Articles of Associations enabling the company’s line-by-line consolidation by Estra S.p.A.

The shareholders of Edma Reti Gas (Estra and Viva Servizi S.p.A., currently Viva Energia) took this decision to pursue the following main objectives:

  • collaborating and dialoguing with the municipalities in the local area of reference to meet the related infrastructural needs;

  • grasping the future opportunities offered by the natural gas distribution industry in a competitive and cost-effective manner.

The decision was taken in light of Estra’s expertise in the sector in which it operates with a view to achieving the objectives set by Edma Reti Gas.
Edma Reti Gas S.r.l. distributes methane gas and manages a network of 1,300 km, with 117,000 redelivery points in 15 municipalities in the province of Ancona: Ancona, Agugliano, Belvedere Ostrense, Camerano, Camerata Picena, Castelfidardo, Chiaravalle, Falconara Marittima, Offagna, Monsano, Monte San Vito, Montemarciano, Morro d’Alba, San Marcello and Senigallia.