The Shareholders’ Meeting approved the Financial Statements at 31 December 2023 and the dividend distribution

A total dividend of €17 million (0,075 eurocents per share).

03 maggio 2024

The Shareholders’ Meeting of Estra S.p.A. approved the Financial Statements at 31 December 2023, and the allocation of net profit for the year.

Acknowledging also the results of the Consolidated Financial Statements at31 December 2023, the Shareholders’ Meeting resolved to distribute to the Shareholders (Alia ServiziAmbientali 39,50%, Coingas 25,14%, Intesa 25,14% and Viva Energia 10%) a total dividend of €17 million (0,075 eurocents per share).

In the same meeting, the Consolidated Financial Statements and the Consolidated Statement of Non-Financial Information/Sustainability Report were also presented to the Shareholders. The 2023 Consolidated Financial Statements reported total revenues of €1.212 million, EBITDA of €142,9 million and net profit of €28,1 million.
Among the several results achieved, the 2023 Consolidated Statement of Non-Financial Information highlights, inter alia, another figure that is key for the local area: goods and services provided, net of the purchase of methane gas and electricity, exceeded €223,6 million, 65,4% of which was distributed to suppliers located in central Italy.

“As confirmed by the results achieved, Estra reiterates its strong commitment to the local areas in which it operates, supporting the overall economic and social fabric,” stated Francesco Macrì, Estra's Chairman. “By distributing dividends to our shareholder entities held by municipal governments, we contribute to supporting the Municipalities’ actions and initiatives for the benefit of citizens. We are proud to make a tangible contribution to the communities’ improvement and growth.”