We at Estra regard ongoing improvement as a fundamental to ensuring the excellence and efficiency of the services we offer. Quality has always been among the main objectives of our company policy. This translates into a steady commitment by everyone who works at Estra to innovate, reach new milestones, keep our promises to our customers and ensure that expectations are met consistently.
The Estra Group views system certifications as an added value. Rather than being an end unto itself, such certifications form part of a process that aims to develop and promote a stronger culture in environmental and safety matters, as well as in terms of quality of the services offered.

This is why we have implemented an integrated system for the management of quality, the environment, worker health and safety and data and information security. Obtaining and maintaining certifications requires that Estra Group companies (Estra S.p.A., Estra Energie S.r.l., Estra Elettricità S.p.A., Centria S.r.l., Estra Com S.p.A. and Estra Clima S.r.l.) remain firmly committed to achieving their objectives and thus ensuring reliable service for all of our customers.