Vision and Values

Estra's mission is to be a national multi-utility that leads its customers, shareholders and employees on a shared journey of growth, innovation and development, in pursuit of the creation of entrepreneurial value, while ensuring high standards of quality and safety. It strives to pursue these goals in a manner that is totally respectful of the areas where it operates and the customers it serves each day.

our values

  • business development
  • innovation
  • a customer - centric approach
valori estra
  • trasparency
  • respect for the environment
  • roots in the community

We are committed to respecting the environment, in the firm belief that this brings its own benefits in economic and social terms. We pay attention to the use of sources and safeguard natural resources, looking forward to a sustainable future.

Offering the best customer service is the way we do business – the only one we know. We operate nationwide with Branches and Stores to be even closer with personalised offers and expert advice.

We are a dynamic company able to meet the challenges of a constantly changing market, providing customers with a Web customer area, a mobile App, e-commerce, the most affordable tariffs and the most innovative solutions for smart living.

We invest in sophisticated projects and in new technologies to be at the cutting edge of the market and create value in all businesses in which we operate. We continue to grow thanks to the day-to-day work of our staff and also thanks to acquisitions, business combinations and alliances.

We have always been committed to acting responsibly, correctly, transparently and compliantly, adopting safeguards at all stages of the supply: from agreement to management, because customers are our main asset.

We are looking to the future and, regardless of our current large size, we remain mindful of where we come from. Our roots are the foundation for our success, which is why we strive to preserve them with huge commitment and sense of responsibility.